Brendan Delaney Photography

Zen and the art of street photography

I've been doing this for a long time and I see far too many 'street' shots on instagram that are just that 'the street'... theres nothing much interesting happening and the photograph doesn't say anything. Likewise documentary can simply be images that tell a story, but with nothing much artistic in them. What separates street and documentary from fine art photography for me, is simply that the opportunities are sought but not artificially created. 

My practice is one of observation, and seeking the intersection of the image that works artistically but also carries some meaning about the time, the place, the emotions. You should want to know more and feel drawn to the image. The actual process is one of deep immersion and concentration in the moment. Its a Zen experience, the pictures just take themselves without any awareness of why, they are simply a product of my awareness. Latterly I have been gathering work into projects and one result is my first book of black and white street photography from New York - see store.

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