I am a London-based street photographer, but I also shoot in other cities around the world, particularly New York City, Tokyo and Budapest. Street photography is more than just random pictures of 'streets', it needs to say as much as a carefully posed photograph but be seen spontaneously (although a spontaneous street portrait may be posed). I am most interested in the interplay between light and shadow as a background to the human in the built environment. Most of my images contain people, but not necessarily as the focal point. Working on the street is a very Zen activity. You need to be totally immersed in your environment and continually interacting with the people in it, verbally and non-verbally. The very act of being there and taking the image changes the environment and a street photographer is not an invisible passive observer, but an active participant. Those glances, eye contacts and changed positions include the photographer as a 'subliminal portrait'.

A selection of recent work from 2023 and 2024 is linked below. A wider selection of work can be seen in GALLERIES (above). See ABOUT (above) for a brief bio, exhibition links and news.

For information about my book 'New York City in passing' and how to purchase the book and any prints from the site see the Sales Page

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